Toledo Torch was founded in 1984 by two  brothers after  the gas distributor they worked for  closed its repair shop.  They operated as Del's  Torch Repair, until 1986 when one of the  brothers took the name, moved to Florida and  set up shop there.  The other brother stayed in  Toledo and renamed the business Toledo Torch  and Regulator Repair.  He and his wife  ran the business until 1993 when they sold it to J.  Technical Services.  Since that time J.  Technical Services  has invested serious time  and money into the growth of Toledo Torch. In  1995 Toledo Torch moved into a larger facility  and increased its repair capabilities. Toledo  Torch has further broadened its abilities by moving into steel industry products and specialty  gas equipment. Toledo Torch now employs two full time repair technicians, a sales and support staff.