When purchasing new equipment, you expect it to perform. But if the wrong equipment is purchased it may not perform the way you would expect it to.

To often equipment dealers try a one size fits all approach. At Toledo Torch, we take our over 20 years of experience to get you the right equipment.

Since all we do is torches and regulators we know what works and what doesn't. We are factory authorized distributors for most major equipment manufacturers, we can get you what you need.



At Toledo Torch we also sell rebuilt equipment. We often have wide selection of torches and regulators to choose from. All equipment repaired at Toledo Torch is rebuilt to factory specifications to insure like new performance and reliability. Call us to see what we have available.  





In response to the scrappers demand for a better torch, Toledo Torch has developed its own line of scrap cutting torches.

The SRT1000 series torch was developed to compete with and out perform the Smith SC900 "GAS AXE"  It has a stainless steel head, larger and stronger tubes, and a greatly increased flow capacity.

The SRT2000 series torch was developed to compete with the Victor HC1500. While there is not a major performance increase, there is a major price decrease.